Seven HKH Students Graduated in 2022

On 12th of June 2022, seven students of HKH finished happily their secondary studies. Five of them came back to Komang village for six months and returned to Kathmandu to receive their final results in December 2022.
The seven HKH graduates of year 2022

They arrived from Komang village in 2014. During these seven years they have grown together like brothers and sisters in the HKH family. They have shared many unforgettable moments, always accompanied with the love and joy of our dearest Nyima.

Tsering Choedron, Karma Khando, Pema Khando, Choezom Bhuti, Nyima Bhuti in Komang 2014
Pemba in HKH 2015
Tendel Sangmo in 2014


Pemba arrived in our HKH family in the year 2015. He was always a very good student and finished his secondary studies one year earlier than expected. Despite family difficulties during the last year of his studies, he made it and he is very happy!!

What's next...

His idea is to open a small business in Dolpo to help his family. In Nepal, it is mandatory to have at least secondary studies to open any business.

“Our miss/mom (Nyima) loves us very much. When I arrived in Kathmandu she taught us everything. Because of Rinpoche and kind-hearted sponsors I have finished my grade 12 with 100% of confidence to receive any challenge.

I have lived in hostel for seven years. I learned how to behave with others, react other and how to respect elders. When I lost my mom I was almost hopeless, but later I knew that I have brothers and sisters. I have to live for them. My miss gave me the advice to be strong.

Thank you so much all the great kindhearted sponsors, kind-hearted founders, and loving mom-la. I will really miss HKH, especially to which my mother has been, my inspiration, to you “Miss”.

Read Pemba’s full letter


Tendel arrived to HKH with Pemba in 2015. She too has finished secondary studies one year earlier than expected.

What's next...

Tendel stays in Kathmandu to do the Tibetan Doctor - Amchi, 5 year course. She started her studies in August 2022.
We wish you all the best Tendel!

“When I arrived inside the hostel I was bit scared and unconscious because I had heard that hostel life would be difficult and strict, but when time passes I thought it was totally wrong whoever said that to me. I know that it’s difficult to stay away from our mom & dad. But with the time passing, I knew that home as well as hostel where I was staying, it’s neither strict nor prision.

I feel the hostel environment as same as family where head of family (sponsors & Miss) and members of family (HKH students) are residing bonder together sharing our “cheer and tear” to each other.

I know that one day we should be aparted but nobody can erase our memory which will remain with us till death.

Thanks to everybody for coming to my life.

I love HKH more that I can express!!”

Read Tendel Sangmo’s full letter
Read Tendel Sangmo’s full letter

Pema Khando

Pema Khando arrived to HKH in 2014. She wants to work in hotel management. She is very excited about her possibilities for the future now that she speaks several languages.

What's next...

Pema has decided to continue studying in Kathmandu a little more while working somewhere for paying her studies and gaining more experience

“I feel and see all the cheerful faces, the house along with every corner, the voices, the surroundings and all things we do in HKH. This word “HKH” is melodious and precious for me as there are lots of things & reasons behind it.

By the grace of God, I came here in November 2014. To be honest I didn’t know how these years were passed day by day. I totally enjoyed the moment without any problem or tension. I grew with happiness and prosperity life because of my gracious Miss, Rinpoche and sponsors.

When I first stepped here I was like iron (crazy, rude, hard) and now I can feel that I have turned into silver. I mean I have changed a lot. I am very grateful and proud that I grew up with such a person who is much loving, caring, supporting & kind-hearted. She (Miss) has always cared, loved & nurtured us like a mother. She always stay there to face every difficulties of us.

Sometimes I came to drop a little tears thinking of what she is doing for us. HKH family has given me everything that I don’t have before: quality education, love, care, understand, peace.

All the words that I say thank you for everything is not quite enough for what HKH gave. And there are so many things that I could not express in words.”

Read Pema’s full letter
Read Pema’s full letter


Choezom arrived to HKH in 2014. She was very shy but all HKH family welcomed her with much love and affection. She feels now very happy and is much more open.

What's next...

Choezom stays in Kathmandu because she wants to become Tibetan Doctor (amchi), 5 year course. She started her studies in August 2022. We are sure she will get it!!!

“I still remember that day in early morning we arrived with our Miss/Mom Nyima in Kathmandu 7 years ago. All our senior brother and sister welcome us with full of joy in this world land HKH.

With the grace of Komang Rinpoche and his co-founders enormous sacrifice, love and compassion and unforgettable supports, as well as all the sponsors of HKH. Your every drop of kindness and helpful hand we get the chance to educate in this capital city of Kathmandu staying in HKH family. Thank you so much for all this unforgettable contribution.

Thank you dear Miss for your each day dedication for our bright future.I still unable to believe myself that I’m leaving from HKH. But at least I’m happy that wherever I go I’m sure that we all have your advice.

I will always remember your contribution, sacrifice that you do for me.”

Read Choezom full letter

Karma Khando

Karma Khando arrived to HKH in 2014 and all her experience in HKH has transformed her as a person.

What's next...

Karma wants to work like an accountant and business manager. She is going to work and study a little more in Kathmandu for having more opportunities in her future.

“From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all HKH family members. HKH family are the brightest story of my life because HKH family made my life fully brightness and stable now. HKH family have gave me lots of love, care and support.

I really pleasured to grow up in HKH family. Every suggestion, advice, encourage and support of HKH family, I got the opportunity to improve my behavior and thought. At the beginning of my hostel life I am such a naughty or silly girl. But after, as mom/sis/father/teacher (Miss Nyima) encouraged me a lot and gave me lots of suggestion, advice and guidance. So I changed my behavior and through the bad habit.

Because of Komang Rinpoche, Miss Nyima and all sponsors, we got this golden to study and make our career best. I gained lot of experience and moralfull knowledge and positive thoughts.

Thanks to change my mind

Thanks to make my future bright

Thanks to change my life and make me an understanding person.”

Read Kharma Khando’s full letter


Tsering arrived to HKH in 2014 with great shyness, but very grateful for the opportunity of doing secondary studies

What's next...

Tsering is going to dedicate to hospitality management. She is going to work and study a little more in Kathmandu for gaining more knowledge and experience.

“Thank you so much Dolpo Komang Tulku Association´s founders (Rinpoche, Arantza & Anton), to manager Miss/mom and to all kind sponsors and my sponsors for your golden opportunity given me a bright light in my life. I feel very lucky myself to be a education women and alter in thinking capacity and take out from darkness life. Thank you for all your hardwork, love, dream, kindness and wishes.

When I entry in HKH family with my friends I am 13 years old. Within that time I am very stupid girl and black minded. After some time all these things have changed and I feel with a great capacity for doing anything in my life. I´m greatful to dad and mom for giving me this opportunity for my future.

Specially thank you so much to Miss always support to everyone and to lead that greatfull way.

All this time in HKH is one of the best and important part of my life.”

Read Tsering’s full letter
Read Tsering’s full letter


Nyima Bhuti (she has the same name as “Miss Nyima”) arrived to HKH in 2014 and her laughing and naughty face blessed every corner of HKH

What's next...

Nyima wants to work like business management and accounting. Work and study a little more in Kathmandu, it will give her more experience and confidence.

“Dear HKH family, thank you so much for providing healthy and peace environment to grow myself. I can do everything that I want, I have played here with all my beloved friends and learned much more.

I would like to express my hearty thankful to our Rinpoche who had started this hostel. Always hearing us like a son and daughter. Thank you so much for teaching us about Dharma and making our life easy.

Thank you so much founders and dear sponsors for helping me to complete my secondary school. Also thank you for worrying about us, sending gifts and letters with lot of love.

Dear Miss, I´m going to miss you a lot. First when I came to HKH I don’t know how to wear school frock. But mom you taught me how to wear frock and that day you had helped to wear my dress that makes me very happy and memorable part of my life. You have nurtured us with Mom’s love and care. Always fighting tireless for us, caring of us.

I’m very happy and gladful to have mom/miss like you in this life. I hope I can grab your hand in next life too.”

Read Nyima’s full letter (1)
Read Nyima’s full letter (2)

We (Arantza & Anton) shared many beautiful moments with these wonderful children on our journey to Komang in 2014. It makes us very happy to see how they have grown up, and especially to hear they felt very happy during their stay in HKH.

Thank you to our dear manager Nyima for being a mother, friend, sister, and teacher and for making a difference; she has created a space full of love and harmony.

Thank you to all the sponsors for making it possible for them to achieve their dream. They can now return to their village with more experience and confidence in themselves.

All the HKH family thank our dearest godmothers and godfathers for all your support and love,
We wish that your generosity continues and keeps the HKH alive for

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