Paranirvana of H.E. Dolpo Jigme Throgyal Rinpoche

His Eminence Dolpo Jigme Throgyal Rinpoche a revered Vajrayana Master of Dolpo and beloved guru of Komang Tulku Rinpoche, entered paranirvana on 29th of April 2022
Rinpoche with his guru Jigme Throgyal Rinpoche days before his passing

On the 29th of April of 2022, His Eminence Dolpo Jigme Throgyal Rinpoche entered paranirvana.

Jigme Rinpoche is one of the precious Rinpoche in Dolpo, he has had the spiritual ability to do many things in a dharmic way. He was a disciple of Doltrul Pema Khyentse Dorjee Rinpoche (Komang Rinpoche’s previous reincarnation).

Doltul Pema Khyentse Dorje

Doltrul Pema Khyentse Rinpoche was the all-in-one Lama in Dolpo during that time because he was perfect in everything, he had many disciples and most of them became Lamas later on, one of them was Jigme Rinpoche. None of the disciples of Doltrul Pema Khyentse Rinpoche could become like him. Some were good in tantra, some in painting, some in astrology, some in medicine, and so on.

After Doltrul Pema Khyentse passed away and took rebirth as Komang Tulku Rinpoche, all his old disciples offered back to Rinpoche what they had learned from his past rebirth. Nowadays people consider that Komang Rinpoche is very complete in a Dharmic way (like Doltrul Pema Khyentse was in the past).

At Komang village with Jigme Throgyal Rinpoche

Jigme Rinpoche passed away on 3oth day of the Tibetan 2nd lunar month. He stayed three days in Tukdam and all his disciples along with Komang Rinpoche decided to place his body in the main shrine hall for 49 days and after they will offer it to the fire.

H.E. Jigme Throgyal Rinpoche in Tukdam

This is a very precious conversation between Jigme Rinpoche and Komang Tulku Rinpoche two days before he passed away:

“Yesterday I visited Jangchup Gyephel Monastery and asked Jigme Rinpoche for the need of prayers for ‘Stability of life’ and he replied:

‘No need to perform those prayers as of now I am waiting for the death only.’

He asked me to recite the king of Aspiration prayers, Monlam Dorjee Gyadue Ngoedrup Gyatsoe Jungnae, and so on once or twice. Me, Ama Yangzin (wife of Jigme Rinpoche), Gelong, and others were left with teary eyes…

I begged him to take a proper meal to stay for some days more,

I promised him that I will serve the Buddha’s teaching until this body perishes,

I supplicated to Rinpoche to be reborn in Dolpo, the central region of Dharma in order not to forsake all sentient beings even if he passed on to another Buddhafield, to which he blessed his acceptance.”

Jigme Rinpoche & Margom Rinpoche’s advice to the students.

Cremation rituals for His Eminence Dolpo Jigme Throgyal Rinpoche

Last days of H.E. Jigme Rinpoche

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