Komang Rinpoche Dharma Activities 2019

Rinpoche gave many important teachings and initiations around Dolpo in 2019 before the pandemic broke out. Here is a list of the main Dharma activities of that year
Rinpoche conducting a religious ceremony in 2019

A brief account of Komang Tulku Rinpoche schedule in the year 2019 – 2146 Tibetan year

  • Vajra
    On 22nd of 5th month of Tibetan calendar, Tulku Rinpoche officiated as the Vajra master for the medicine sadhana through Dudjom Vajrakilaya Namchak Pudri at Dolpo Sheldrak Pema Choeling monastery in Namdo village.
  • Vajra
    On the auspicious 4th day of 6th month in Tibetan calendar, Rinpoche was invited to Shimen region to open up the mandala of Konchi Tsa sum. There, he performed the propitiatory ritual, walking over three lofty mountains, installed stack of stones in accordance with Lophan in Dudjom Yumka to pacify the obstructions of frost, hails and flood, and entrusted to the virtuous gods for the welfare of the region. Thereafter, he bestowed monks and lay people with the longevity empowerments of Konchi Tsedub Chagri (Long life-sadhana of the embodiment of precious ones) followed by providing heartfelt advices of cultivation and elimination.
  • Vajra
    On 13th of 7th month in Tibetan calendar, as requested by the entire community of ordained and lay people of Namdo region, Rinpoche bestowed initiation and oral transmission of Konchi Jatson Podrug, oral transmission of Jatson Gongs Gyan and three liturgical texts of Dudjom Tersar. He concluded the event by bestowing longevity empowerment of Konchi Chagri (the embodiment of precious ones) in Namdo village to more than 500 devotees.
  • Vajra
    On 3rd of 8th month of Tibetan calendar, as aspired by His Eminence Jigmey Throgyal, Rinpoche conferred the complete empowerment and oral transmission of snying thig ya bzhi (Four Parts of the Nyingtik) to a gathering of thirteen masters and disciples bound with pure samayas at Tsa Sangchen Ngedhon Lhundub Ling monastery in Tsa village. For this, Rinpoche was heartily felicitated by His Eminence Jigmey Throgyal Rinpoche stating; “although it has been years since the emergence of great Manngag Nyingtik, this is the first time that it unfolded in Dolpa. Lama! your contribution towards the Buddhadharma surely bears a fruitful purpose”.
  • Vajra
    On 27th of 8th month in Tibetan calendar, Rinpoche performed the ritual of Gutor in accordance with Dudjom Pudri Regphung and bestowed Dudjom Yumka’s initiation to the whole gathering of ordained and laymen at Phu monastery. He also conferred the empowerment and oral transmission of Dudjom Khros ma (Dudjom Wrathful mother), oral transmission of Zungdus (Collection of Dharanis), Dhodhe Kalzang (Sutra of the good Aeon) and for all those transmissions that remained in Tobhum (a collection of various To and Do)

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